Who benefits from Student Soapbox?

The entire K-12 community.

When Students, Teachers, and Administrators function in sync, and at their best, everyone benefits. Student Soapbox was designed to achieve this holistic improvement by thinking how each user works together.



Collaborating & sharing lessons with Student Soapbox inspires teachers with new ideas. Supporting each-other gives time back to teachers to teach.

Gaining insight from students allows teachers to teach the way they want to, and allows teachers to fulfill their career goals.


Engage your Students

Flipping the standard top-down education approach, Student Soapbox provides students an impactful voice in their learning.

Providing meaningful input and being responsible for driving their own education empowers students in their classes.


Free your Administrators

Measuring key success metrics highlights strategic pathways for growth. With Student Soapbox those metrics are provided out of the box and in real time.

The strategic advantages of making decisions based on data gives school administrators the confidence they need to lead.