Bold Classroom Technology Solutions

At Brazen Learning, we are modernizing K-12 education by designing better experiences through bold classroom technology for students, teachers, parents, and the education community.

Student Soapbox, our flagship student engagement technology, helps educators plan lessons and engage students.

For successful students, happy teachers, and better communities.


Hop On Student Soapbox

Student Soapbox is a lesson plan voting platform. It’s a classroom technology that improves student engagement by allowing students to choose the way they learn while teachers get - and can add - lesson plans from a large and continuously growing lesson plan library.


Engages Students

  • Gives students a voice - building a more engaged and empowered student.

Teaches Students Decision-Making

  • Making decisions is an essential life skill. With Student Soapbox, kids get to make teacher-controlled choices, so it helps build skills crucial to knowing how to make good decisions.

Saves Time

  • Since teachers can access a large and growing library of both traditional and innovative lesson plans, Student Soapbox is a classroom technology that frees up time to focus more on students.

Builds Community

  • Teachers grow professionally with access to new ways of teaching and collaboration.

Everyone Wins

  • Administrators measure engagement, track trends, and stand out from the crowd to help improve outcomes and enrollment, find and keep great teachers, or even improve fundraising.

Getting Started with Student Soapbox
Student Engagement Platform

  • Built on the Salesforce Education Cloud, Student Soapbox works as an individual application or as part of a larger Salesforce Education Cloud solution. Since Student Soapbox is a classroom technology built as a Salesforce Education Cloud app, it complies with data standards and contains an embedded license.


Grow with Salesforce Education Cloud

When your school or district is ready for a new classroom technology Salesforce Education Cloud, we’re ready and able to take you there.